627% Increase in traffic for the Liverpool Cricket Club

Last year we started talks with Liverpool Cricket Club about re-building their website they had a very old site that they were struggling to keep up to date due to its age and how it was designed. This had a knock on effect; the site was being used less and less by its member’s staff and the public. Due to the sites lack of function they were using other services like Facebook, Twitter and specialist sports sites to manage and inform members of the club and the public. When we first sat down they showed server logs that averaged 1100 visits each month. However they had no sort of analytics software to measure how the users were behaving or how they found the site.

Liverpool Cricket Club site

The Liverpool Cricket Club’s Old Site

At our first meeting we discussed a number of aims that the new site should complete with the Liverpool Cricket Club. These included:

  • Easy to Update – If the site was easy to update then the staff could feel free to update it more often and increase engagement with its members and the public.


  • Become a central point of information and community for the club – The social media and the other specialist sports sites that the members had fanned out to did work but they wanted to centralise information and increase interaction in the community, rather than everyone keeping to their own private groups.


  • Showcase more than sports – The Liverpool Cricket Club has amazing sports facilities but they also have a number of function rooms and host a number of events and weddings throughout the year.

Liverpool Weddings   We got to work redesigning the site and kept the above goals at the forefront. We used WordPress for the site for a number of reasons. The chiefly because of its powerful and simple to use content management system (CMS). We felt that this would be a good choice for the staff because there is a wide range of technical ability and skill level. We have since hosted two training sessions which the staff at Liverpool Cricket Club have been very successful and I believe that all of the staff who use the website are now competent and I have received a lot of positive feedback. We also introduced a commenting system throughout the site this allowed users to ask question and voice ideas across the websites posts. Now that the site is update more frequently there has been a huge increase in interaction both from the members of the club and the public The club makes a lot of revenue outside of its sports activities. The website now showcases the other services offered by the cricket club. We have done this through videos, images regular blogs, specific landing pages etc. This has been one factor that led to their bookings dramatically increasing.     This has been one of the biggest projects Marketing the Change have taken on. Not it terms of the size (number of pages) or even the amount of traffic it gets but the site is maintained and updated by over 10 people and has over eight sections each with their own requirements and special features. It definitely been a challenging project but it has also produced the biggest success! With a traffic increase of 627% which is constantly increasing, the clubs bookings are fuller than ever and the feedback of the staff, member and public have been extremely positive we are very happy with this project and look forward to a continued partnership. Liverpool Cricket Club Traffic Whats amazing is the majority of the traffic is from search engines (79%) (Google, Yahoo & Bing). We spent a large proportion of time of making the site SEO Friendly looking at the correct keywords, submitting sitemaps, making sure pages are indexed, content outreach, making sure the site is correctly optimized and many other digital marking strategies.

Liverpool Cricket Club SEO

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