Raising Money for Armenian Refugee Children!

This year we had the privilege of going to Armenian with YWAM (Youth With A Mission Budapest). Amy and I had a powerful and eye-opening time there and were able to connect with an organization called Kings Kids. They spend a lot of time working in a large run-down block of flats that has become home to a number of refugee families. Kings kids put on programs, play games, tell stories and provide a safe and fun atmosphere for both the children and the families living there.

Amy was invited to play at a Bikers Church in Walsall. From our experience in Armenian, we decided to put on a small concert to raise money to support them. At the event, Amy was able to share a few new songs she had written including ‘The Circle Dance’, about the Armenian refugees and the work of Kings Kids.

We were able to raise a total of £300 for the Kings Kids and would like to thank everyone that was involved and who gave money.




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