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Serve images in next-gen formats – Google Search Console & Core Vitals

Is Google upset that you are not serving images in next-gen formats like Webp? One of the Google PageSpeed Insight most often suggestions to accelerate page speed and performance is to

Enable Text Compression – Google Search Console & Core Vitals

Are you seeing error messages about text compression from Google Search Console and Google Lighthouse Core Vitals? Maybe it's time to Enable text compression on your website. Do you know there

Remove unused CSS – Google Search Console & Core Vitals

Seeing the Remove unused CSS in Google Search Console or in the Core Web Vitals tool? If you want to optimize your site speed, you should want to remove unused CSS

Efficiently Encode Images – Google Search Console & Core Vitals

Are you getting the Efficiently Encode Images error from Google Search Console or Core Vitals? When it comes to making a website, images play a critical role in attracting and capturing

Minify JS in Google Search Console & Core Vitals

Improving Google Page Speed by minifying JS is a good step to improving your SEO. Having the fastest page speed is something that everyone wants, but only a few get. This

Email From Godaddy: “suspicious activity in our WordPress hosting environment”

If you got an email this week from Godaddy, Domains PricedRight and other Godaddy Reseller tsoHost, Media Temple, 123Reg, Domain Factory, Heart Internet Host Europe or another Godaddy company (Wordfence)