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Minify CSS in Google Search Console & Core Vitals

How fast is your website? Minifying CSS files can help to speed up the loading time of a WordPress site. Minification removes unnecessary characters from code which speeds up load

Deferring Offscreen Images in Google Search Console & Core Vitals

If you have a WordPress website, you would know making a website fast is one of the prime goals for ranking higher on google. Excellent performance and relevant products visually

Eliminate render-blocking resources in Google Search Console & Core Vitals

The main goal of every website is to provide visitors with an excellent user experience. Most users agree that a faster website is preferable to a slower site. But several

This Week in Google Trending Data – I Am Not a Cat 🙀

“I am not a Cat” - is a nice follow up from last weeks zoom controversy with Jackie Weaver. 'I’m here live, I’m not a cat' said the lawyer who

This Week in Google Trending Data – Jackie Weaver

“You have no authority here Jackie Weaver” - has become part of internet history during a local council row. Parish council meetings are normally fairly simple and boring affairs but as

Codeable Reviews

What is Codeable and can it help you with your WordPress Project? Welcome to the Codeable reviews website. Showcasing real, honest, and truthful reviews about https://Codeable.io. We have acquired Codeable reviews from past