The short answer is it depends. If I said how much does a car cost it really depends what car you’re getting, how old it is, and what features it has. It’s the same with a website. Our website projects generally start at around £1800/ $2500 for a basic business sites and e-commerce or product directories and catalogs are more.

If you are a start-up or non-profit you maybe entitled to one of our grants as we want to support you!

When thinking about price the following areas are good indicators to have much a website will cost.

Functionality – What do you want your website to do? Is it just an online business card with contact forms, or is it more advanced? Do you need to take payments, manage subscriptions, or process large amounts of data?

Number of page – We do not bill by the number of pages like some other agencies. Our websites are normally built on a CMS, so adding pages is not a big task. However, we understand that a 5 page website and a 500 page website requires a different approach and will take different amounts of time and effort.

Design (Custom vs. Template) – Some people know exactly how they want their website to look. For this we go with a custom-built website option so we can create exactly what they want down to the last pixel. Others just have an idea for a business or brand with some rough guidelines and we can get away with using a template to cut down on time and cost.

Josh Morley

I have been designing & marketing websites since 2013. I specialize not just in WordPress web design but also in online marketing. SEO, PPC, keyword research, link-building and most recently on lead acquisition for local businesses.