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Project Description

Email Newsletter Marketing – SkyBET – Germany

This week I was privileged to work with Joerg Kreklau from SkyBet Germany (https://www.skybet.de). They were having some issues with their email newsletter. They have two websites, one for desktops (https://www.skybet.de) and another for mobiles and tablets (https://m.skybet.de). This is often done if the mobile and desktop websites are going to be very different and basic CSS media queries won’t create the wanted changes.

Everything was running fine until they started producing their email marketing newsletter. They needed the ability to send users viewing the newsletter on a mobile phone to the mobile site and users who were on a computer to be sent to the main site.

This was a challenging project as the newsletter had to look correct in all major email environments such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, and basic webmail browsers.

After some testing, the newsletter looks good in all major email environments and works perfectly for mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

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