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Technical SEO – Muscle Box – Subscription Website

Harry Toumbas works with Musclebox, a company with a mission to help motivate gym enthusiasts by providing a unique product. Once a month they ship a musclebox full of goodies that keep people on track with completing their workout goals. Harry got in contact with me this week because he had a problem with his website (https://www.musclebox.me/). Google was not able to crawl the images on the website. This was causing the site to lose traffic, especially in a highly visual niche like this. After looking over the website, we found that the site itself was blocking Google from viewing its images.

This is a common issue for websites that may have used the default settings from their hosting company or WordPress ‘Images cannot be crawled because of robots.txt restrictions’ and you can read about the issue in more detail here. It should be fixed as soon as possible because images are a key part of the buying decision of online shoppers. Using any type of Google shopping advert you will need to let Google see your images.

Once the issue was found the solution was quickly put into place and we updated the robots.txt file on the server using FTP and then Google was able to read the images.

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If you are worried that you may be missing out on traffic because Google or other search engines can not crawl your site feel free to contact us. These jobs are normally very quick and can boost traffic dramatically.

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