Quick Video SEO Website Audit – FREE

Quick Video SEO Website Audit – FREE

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We offer a number of Search Engine Optimization and website audits at Marketing the Change. The Video SEO Website Audit offers a very basic first look at your website that includes personal and actionable comments in video format.

The audit can cover the following area:

  • Website Speed
  • Design and User Flow
  • On page SEO Factors

The audit will normally be sent out within a few days and you are free to download it and implement any changes you see fit via ourselves or other development teams.

After you have watched the video audit you may want to choose to get a full SEO Website Audit . This is an in-depth review of your website to look give you a real idea of how Google is seeing your website and how your user are responding to your website.


 Who is the Video SEO Website Audit For?

  • A small/medium-sized business or individual brand, that have one person or small teams doing all of the marketing
  • Looking for some quick wins and inspiration to boost your site traffic and conversion rate
  • People who are not familiar with SEO, content marketing, etc, or you want a second pair of eyes
  • You want to get professional feedback from an experienced digital marketer and website designer (for free!)

Who Is the Video SEO Website Audit Not For?


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