The Gutenberg Editor Compatibility Audit – WordPress 5.0

The Gutenberg Editor Compatibility Audit – WordPress 5.0

£800.00 £200.00



Once we send you the audit you have the choice to show the audit report to your developer or hire us to fix any issues. Feel confident about upgrading to WordPress 5.0 and using the new Gutenberg editor while saving 60% of the normal price.

  • Plugins and Theme audit with proper testing, valued @ $200
  • Custom code inspection, valued @ $400
  • Design, layout, style review, valued @ $200



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Frequently Asked Questions About the Gutenberg Compatible Audit


Why do I need an audit my sites for compatibility?

Without doing an audit first, you’re taking the risk of something breaking when you decide to update to WordPress 5.0. Know exactly what needs to be modified or updated to take full advantage of the new editor in WordPress 5.0. Your audit may reveal everything is compatible which is great, but at least you’ll know before taking the jump.

Why can’t I just use the Classic (Old) Editor plugin?

You can and you should until you know your website is compatible with the new codebase. The Classic Editor plugin will not be maintained indefinitely. In fact, it’s only guaranteed to be maintained until 2022.

What will you need to perform the Compatability audit?

All we need to do the audit is to be able to login to your WordPress Admin area. You can create a tempory account to keep your site secure.

What happens after I receive my audit?

The audit will show what is and what is not going to work with the new WordPress 5.0 Update. You can either take this to your in-house team, a developer or contact us and we can give you a discounted estimate to get your site Gutenburg ready.


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