This Week in Google Trending Data – Jackie Weaver

“You have no authority here Jackie Weaver” – has become part of internet history during a local council row.

Parish council meetings are normally fairly simple and boring affairs but as the recording of this meeting shows it gets heated quickly

Handforth Parish Council, Jackie Weaver and parish council search term all exploded as people searched for the video or an explanation to what was going on.

“Most of the time I’m trying to encourage people to get involved in parish councils to raise their profiles. The plus side of this is it’s certainly done that.”

Jackie Weaver

Let’s hope that the search trend increase for “How to become a counsellor” or “Getting involved in local government”. Now would be a great time for local councils to use this media storm to bring attention to understaffed committees and projects.

Jackie Weaver Search Trend Feb 2021
Handforth Parish Council Search Trend Feb 2021
Parish Council Search Trend Feb 2021

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