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The Step-By-Step SEO & Marketing Process

Processes work! Here at Marketing the Change, we have processes in place to make sure your website build or digital marketing campaign is as smooth and successful as possible.

#1 Discovery

We ask that all new client or potential clients fill in our SEO project application form. From there we book a Discovery/Strategy call to find out your exact digital needs. Expect us to ask you questions about your why, target audience, services/products, industry, and business. This call helps us get to know each other, why you need our help and what your goals are.

#2 SEO Audit

All SEO Projects (apart from smaller fixes) start with a Full Technical On-Page & Off-Page SEO Audit. This is a comprehensive document that shows your current standing with Google and other search engines and works as a living road make to improve your site and increase traffic and conversions.

#3 On-Site SEO Triage

During this phase, we start working on all of the things that are wrong with your site from a technical SEO perspective. This will be ordered into the issues that affect the site most:

  • Indexing Issues 
  • Speed Issues 
  • Google Properties Issues
  • Etc

#4 Ongoing SEO

Now that your site has been ‘fixed’ we can start improving it to capture and convert more and more traffic from organic search engines and other channels.  This is done through ongoing content marketing, A/B testing, conversion rate optimization, promoting continent on other channels and websites and effort to increase links and domain power.

#5 Reporting

We aim to be transparent in all we do so you know exactly where your money and time is going. Each month you will be able to see exactly what we are doing and what we are planning to do. As well as this we aim to connect with all SEO clients at least once per month to keep the the pulse of their industries in case we need to change marketing strategies or content tone. 

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