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The Step-By-Step Website & Marketing Process

Processes work! Here at Marketing the Change, we have processes in place to make sure your website build or digital marketing campaign is as smooth and successful as possible.

#1 Discovery

We ask that all new client or potential clients fill in our project application form. From there we book a Discovery/Strategy call to find out your exact digital needs. Expect us to ask you questions about your why, target audience, services/products, industry, and business. This call helps us get to know each other, why you need our help and what your goals are.

#2 Strategy

From our call we will send across a proposal that uniquely suits yours and your industries needs. We will then drill down into the details of the project itself  (website sitemaps, keywords, content plans, SEO etc)

#3 Prototype

After years of trying to describe websites to our clients with long emails, we started the process of building prototypes. This is a basic build for your website that just shows the layout structure and functionality of the website without all the design elements and polishing that makes it look pretty. It’s also called a wireframe and it helps us make sure we are going in the right direction for you and your brand.

#4 Creative Website Design

Have a logo and brand guidelines already? Great! We can apply that to your website or marketing campaign. If not, we can start building a brand that suits you. This can include typography, brand colours/guidelines, logos, imagery, and everything else that makes your brand.

#5 Devoplment & Content

Five steps in and we start coding the prototype into a real website. Taking what we have learned from our industry research, we build a website that is SEO friendly, looks good on desktop and tablets, and works across modern browsers and various operating systems. This gives you a great head start when it comes to future SEO work as you and your business grow.

#6 Launch & Delivery

Once everything has been checked and double-checked by both you and us, we will prepare a launch date and prepare everything for the migration. Once the DNS has updated (24-48 hours) we will do any final technical checks and then make sure you are set up with Google Webmaster tools.

#7 Drive Leads & Sales

We complete search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, and/or social media marketing. Now that you have a brand new website it’s time to start turning those visitors into leads and those leads into loyal customers with funnels, lead magnets, and email marketing campaigns. 

#7 Analyze, Improve, & Automate

The digital world never stays still and neither should your digital marketing efforts and website. Automating parts of your digital workflow can help free up time that can be reinvested into growing your business.

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