Our Step-By-Step Process for Small Fixes

Processes work! Here at Marketing the Change, we have processes in place to make sure your project is as smooth and successful as possible. If you need us for a smaller project we can estimate for a block of time to allow for flexible and speedy delivery.

#1 Discovery

If you are a new client you can fill in our quick project application form. This is perfect if your project does not need a lot of explaining. For example:

  • Fix SSL Issues
  • Fix Broken Links
  • Edit Site Content (Images & Text)
  • A Small Change to Functionality
  • Etc

If you can explain it in under 150 words than a quick project should be all you need.

#2 Scope & Payment

From our call the form we can quickly take a look at your site and get confirmation on exactly what you need. Once agreed we will give you an estimated price and estimated delivery date (send you a link for payment (PayPal, BTC Credit Card etc)). If for any reasons we missed something or misquote the job you will be refunded in full and give a new price which you are not obliged to take. However, this very rarely happens.

#3 Devoplment

We will then clone your website to make sure there is no downtime to the live site while making changes. Once the scope and testing has been completed we will ask you to check the staging site before we push it live.

#4 Launch & Delivery

Once everything has been checked and double-checked by both you and us, we will prepare to launch ASAP or on a date set by you.

#5 Aftercare

Once everything has been complete we like to take some time to look over your site. We perform a surface level audit to make sure there is nothing that is obviously wrong. We will also add you to our technical database so if any of your plugins, themes or website files have issues in the future we can drop you a quick email to let you know there is an issue.


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