Client & Customer Reviews in August 2019

We have completed another 16 WordPress development projects in August 2019.
Below are just a few of my review for the month of August. Want to see more?

  • SEO Suppot WordPress
    One of my client’s wordpress sites is having issues on desktop with the image appearing way too large and the text out of whack.

    Project Rating:

    “Thank you Josh for your swift response and help.”

    – Shane Simmons, 01 Aug 2019


  • SEO Suppot WordPress
    Correct missing video link to web page

    Project Rating:

    “Josh has always been extremely prompt in responding and completing any project agreements. I could not be more pleased.”

    – Vaughn Lauer, 06 Aug 2019


  • SEO Suppot WordPress
    My site’s theme was discontinued, I’d like to know the best way to adapt to the new WooCommerce theme & plugin

    Project Rating:

    “Josh was knowledgable and had fresh ideas about how to approach my WordPress issue. A little trouble communicating at first with Zoom, but he was flexible and we were able to work through it.”

    – Susan Neuhaus, 13 Aug 2019


  • Mike Heffner, 20 Aug 2019
    Can’t access W/P Admin….

    Project Rating:

    – Mike Heffner, 20 Aug 2019





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