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What is Codeable and can it help you with your WordPress Project?

Welcome to the Codeable reviews website. Showcasing real, honest, and truthful reviews about We have acquired Codeable reviews from past customers, current clients, developers, and leading digital agencies and are always looking to add more. If you are a current or past Codeable developer or customer and want to share your story please feel free to contact us.  This site’s aim is to give you all the facts (the good, bad and ugly) to see if you want to work with Codeable on your next online WordPress adventure (and maybe get you a discount too.)

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Before I start this Codeable review I want to disclose who I am and any bias or conflict of interest. My name is Josh Morley and I run a small digital agency called Marketing the Change. We have worked on over 750 projects for over 350 clients since 2015. We choose to be more than just a digital agency by reinvesting time and profits back into projects that really make a positive difference. I have been a customer of Codeable in the past and enjoy working for them as a contractor and will also be using their affiliate code on this site.

What is Codeable?

Before I review Codeable and show reviews from both customers and developers, let’s start by asking the basic question, What is Codeable? Who are they?

Codeable is an outsourcing service for WordPress websites. They will sometimes handle Drupal, Joomla, and Mobile application projects, but their number one focus is on WordPress development, support, and maintenance. Codeable basically offers to fix, build, design, train, and support anything related to WordPress.  Including fixing errors and bugs, making design changes and customizations, custom plugins, modifying themes, migrating hosts, complete website builds, or even providing one-on-one training. Developers are strictly vetted, tested, and then watched for a 45 day trial period to make sure they meet Codeable quality standards. Most projects will receive feedback very quickly along with a date of completion.

How Codeable Works?

When you first arrive at Codeable you will be asked to create a task brief.  This usually takes less than 10 minutes to complete and get a response from a Codeable contractor. You will go through a series of steps starting with choosing a classification

  • INSTALL & CONFIGURE (Theme or Plugin)
  • CUSTOMIZE (Theme, Plugin, eCommerce, or Website)
  • FIX (Theme, Plugin, eCommerce, or website )
  • DEVELOP & DESIGN (Theme, Plugin, eCommerce, or website )
  • MIGRATE (eCommerce or website )
  • Consultation (This is a very popular option when you are unsure or have a big project)

Codeable task list setup

From this point, you will be asked to write some more details about the project, how soon you need it completed, if you have a budget in mind, and any files or designs that might be helpful. Something else to consider which might help you is to make sure you include your website address (URL) in the description as many clients forget to do this. Codeable tasks are not a public job board as other freelancing websites can be, but they are completely private. Your task brief will only be seen by the developers and staff at Codeable.

Codeable Plans and Pricing

Codeable works differently than many other freelancing services. You will only see one estimate for your task no matter how many developers apply. Each Codeable developer will estimate an average cost depending on the number of hours it will take them, multiplied by their hourly rate. These individual estimates get added together and then divided by the number of developers that have estimated. This keeps quality at a high standard making sure that it’s not a ‘race to the bottom’.  It also saves you the trouble of sorting through many different quotes and trying to discern the difference between them. Codeable works on a single task by single task basis.  This means that you only have to pay for a task you have hired someone to do. However, recently Codeable has also introduced a retainer option.  The retainer option allows you to book a developer for a set number of hours each month. This works well if you need your website updating regularly.

One quick note on costs… Many other freelancing sites you will find contractors from all over the world that have an hourly rate between $5-$20. On Codeable this is not the case, the minimum hourly rate for all contractors is $69. Bear this in mind as you budget for tasks.

Codeable’s History

They started in 2012 with the idea ‘Let’s make WordPress outsourcing a better place’ Both Per Esbensen and Tomaz Zaman started building a WordPress outsourcing company.  They focused on quality and customer service. First, they started by hiring exceptional WordPress developers and then connecting them with people in need of WordPress website support.

Codeable like airbnb

Is Codeable the Best WordPress Outsourcing Service?

Due to their specific niche, they have been able to rise to the top of their industry and claim to be ‘the world’s #1 outsourcing service for WordPress’. Checking Google right now they are ranking number #1 and #2 for the keywords ‘WordPress outsourcing’. So it looks like the claim is justified at least in the eyes of Google.

The company is decentralized by its nature and has WordPress Contractors all around the world but its main office is in Denmark (Codeable ApS Strandvejen 292 2930 Klampenborg Denmark)

Percentages of Good & Bad Codeable Reviews

Let’s look at the numbers as a rough figure… Codeable has complete around 70,000 projects (Robin Scott @ Silicon Dales) so far. That is a massive number, especially for a company that has only been around for 5 years! That’s 14,000 tasks complete a year, 1,116 a month, 38 a day. Do you get my point? It’s a massive number. Going through many reviews I was able to find about 34 (let’s round it up to 50 to be sure I haven’t missed any). That’s 50 negative experiences out of 70,000 completed projects or to put it another way it’s 0.071%.

Or a better way of saying that is, Codeable has had a 99.929% success rate over 5 years! Looking at it that way I would be extremely happy with that figure.

Codeable trust polient review



Negative Codeable Reviews: So what went wrong?

After reading through pages and pages of positive Codeable reviews to find the few negative Codeable reviews, there are a few patterns that emerged from my research. Here are the most common negative reviews about Codeable.

#1 Negative Codeable Review: Too Expensive

This is one I saw a number of times on different review sites, normally by people who have not hired anyone for a project but have been shocked by the estimate they received. This is actually quite true of Codeable. If you post a task on Codeable and then post the same task on another generic outsourcing service and compare the price, you will see a difference right away. There will normally be quite a difference in price and looking at the view these range from 20-30%. At Codeable, the minimum cost per hour is $60 +15% Codeable fee, many developers will have their own hourly rate depending on their skill and experience but you will be paying a minimum of  $69 per hour for all work complete on Codeable. Looking at a site like Upwork, for example, you can hire a freelancer from the developing world for $10 per hour. Codeable doesn’t really fight on the grounds of cost but quality. Developers are vetted, tested, and reviewed and there is a money-back guarantee if bad work is produced.

Codeable to

#2 Negative Codeable Review: Non-Responsive After Brief

I have noted a few complaints from people who are annoyed because developers are not responding back to their posted tasks. Once the customer has posted their task they have no or little response to it.

Again Codeable is not the same as other freelance services if you post a task to a traditional freelancing website you will be inundated with requests, estimates, and people trying to get your attention. So much so that you can see people adding lines of text to the bottom of the scope of the tasks like ‘please use the word ‘WORDPRESS’ in the first line to show you have read the task fully’. This is not how Codeable works, Contractors will first ask you questions to define the scope of the task and questions about deadline and workflow, etc. From then on they will estimate, but you will never have more than a handful of people estimating on one task.

I have personally seen this happen a few times and there can be a number of reasons why. Codeable has developers all over the world who work on all sorts of hours and timezones. Some rising in the morning with the birds and others burning the midnight oil. However, there are sometimes periods in the day when fewer developers are online, for example, when both the USA and Western Europe are asleep or during weekends and holidays

Another possible reason for this might be related to the task itself.  I have recently seen a number of tasks posted related to the integration of payment gateways with cryptocurrencies. There aren’t many developers who have experience with this sort of work, and the ones on Codeable who do are in high demand.

However I really don’t feel like this is a fair complaint, Codeable staff will always promote and seek out contractors with the skills you need if you just ask. They have 24/7 live support with a human who will find a developer that suits your project.

Codeable non responsive

#3 Negative Codeable Review: Scope of Work

I think this is the biggest complaint across the negative Codeable reviews. I read comments like  “When I asked for them to be fixed by the developer I was told I would have to pay more money to fix them” and “It always comes down to that the Developer needs more money.” I have no idea whether the client or the contractor was at fault for these reviews. However, I do know that Codeable contractors are very intentional about defining the scope of a project. They won’t just accept open jobs like ‘fix my site’ without first really finding out what needs to be done. For harder-to-define jobs, some contractors will agree to work off a timesheet and log their hours to make sure no one is getting under or overcharged.

This is a hard one to balance most of the time. I would put it on the fault of the developer for not explaining the scope enough. However, there are always some customers that want something for nothing that will push to get extra features.

Personally, if I am working on a site and someone asks me to make a small edit that is not in the scope and it’s going to be short I will most likely accommodate them. However, if it’s a bigger task or they come back a few months later it will be a different story. For example, recently I was editing a WordPress plugin for a customer and as I completed it he asked me how to change the color of the menu. There was no option in the theme menu so I asked for the color and added the CSS code to the site and told him where to find it for future reference.

Confused scope of work scope creep

#4 Negative Codeable Review: Issues after completion – not complaining

I found quite a number of reviews had a common pattern. The work was completed, the client was happy and marked the task as complete. However, something went wrong. Instead of the customer contacting support or messaging the developer who did the work, they took to social media and review sites to complain. Codeable responds to most of the negative comments to give a backstory about what has happened and a few of them have this similar theme.

“We were unaware there were issues as you had tested and reviewed everything to be working properly and before you personally marked it as complete signing off saying it was good.”

I can see how this can happen. Maybe the developer has made a mistake and it does not show for a number of days or maybe there has been a WordPress update and the site does not look or work the same way it should. This can happen and it might or might not be the Codeable developer’s fault, but the first thing anyone should do in a situation like this is to contact the developer and the Codeable Staff on the live chat support.

When you mark the task as complete, the workroom remains open and you can still reach your developer at any time in the future (For additional work or issues with the closed task). There is a constant record of your interactions for future reference. Codeable offers a 28 day period to return after marking a project as complete in case any bugs may appear. This is backed up with a short disclaimer “As long as the issues are with the solution delivered and not something accidentally changed/altered by the client, your expert will fix it for free. 28 days should be plenty of time to discover any bugs and is one of the longest guarantees in the industry. Please refer to our Codeable terms of service for full details. (David Papandress)

Codeable error after marked task as complete

#5 Negative Codeable Review: Fake Codeable Reviews

Quite a number of the reviews were either fake or simply people just posting one star and leaving no comments. This is to be expected for all online companies and can be very annoying. Not much to say here. Codeable does a good job at responding to these, but there’s not much you can say to a one star review with no comments.

Fake Codeable Reviews

#6 Negative Codeable Review: Delays

The contractor being delayed is the last issue that I saw. It seems that on a few tasks, the developer who had been working on the project worked slower than expected. Sometimes the reason was given in the Codeable reviews themselves: personal issues, health, etc. I think these are an honest complaint, sometimes things can go wrong in the developer’s life. Even though we are talking about 0.071% of projects completed this can still happen. I know from personal experience that if a Codeable contractor disappears or has some sort of unexpected event or illness and cannot complete the project Codeable themselves will find or should look to find another developer to make sure your task is completed.

Codeable delays from devopler

Are There Any Codeable Alternatives?

There are not many similar servers that services that just offer WordPress outsourcing but here are a few I could find:

WPCurve – Used to be a big name in WordPress outsourcing from 2013 – 2016 they solved almost 105,000 WordPress issues. However, in December 2016 they were acquired by Godaddy and have become lost in the GoDaddy umbrella. See Godaddy Pro below

Hirewpgeeks – Started in 2010 and supports a range of WordPress services. They boast of 1500 clients, having 75 WordPress Experts on their team and a 95% client retention rate. The reviews on independent site look mixed but they might be worth a look.

Hirewpgeeks Codeable Alternatives

Jobs WordPress JobBoard – It’s worth a mention the WordPress Job Board set up by WordPress they provide a free to use job board specifically for WordPress jobs. Nothing fancy, no accountability but an easy way to find a WordPress developer if you want to go alone. Codeable Alternatives

Apart from these, I was not able to find other pure WordPress Outsourcing  (If I have missed any let me know) There are a number of other services out there that could be used to find a WordPress developer but not specifically for WordPress only.

GoDaddy Plus – I have had a hard time finding out about GoDaddy Pro, but here is what I know… It’s a place connect to the GoDaddy site to browse profiles of expert WordPress designers and developers. I personally am a GoDaddy Pro member but don’t appear to have a listing. When I have called support they seemed a bit clueless about what I was asking about, so believe it is an ongoing project at the moment. After a bit more digging around, I found out that you can only become a GoDaddy Plus developer by recommending $500 worth of GoDaddy services to your clients or if you buy $500 worth of GoDaddy services for your clients.

Godday Plus Pro Codeable Alternatives

Fiverr – the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job. I have used Fiverr as a customer and been a member of Fiverr’s workforce, I have had both positive and negative experiences on both sides. Bottom line: ‘You get what you pay for.’ Also a side note please don’t turn to Fiverr for SEO or link building unless you really know what you are doing.

Fiverr Codeable Alternatives

PeoplePerHour –  is a UK-based company that works as an online platform giving businesses and individuals access to thousands of skilled freelance experts in hundreds of different fields. I have only used PeoplePerHour once as a customer. I needed video editing for a project (It turned out really well – ). Really easy to navigate around the site and had a good quality project at the end.

peopleperhour Codeable Alternatives

Upwork – I have used UpWork as a client and a developer and again have had mixed results. From a client-side, you need to know and detail exactly what you want, be willing to shift through many applications (many of them automated). However, you can get some good work if you persist. From the developer side, I think I gave up trying to compete with other developers on Upwork as there is no minimum hourly rate which caused many people to estimate stupidly low prices to build and fix websites.

upwork Codeable Alternatives1

There are a few other sites that I have not tried but will list here

And if you are really desperate there is always GumtreeTaskRabbit, or even CraigsList

So Why Use Codeable?

So why use Codeable and not UpWork, Freelancer, Elance, people per hour, or a similar service listed above. Well according to Codeable they have six areas they excel in and you can see them below.


Most of the sites I have listed above take only minutes to sign up, create a profile, and start engaging with clients. Codeable is different when a developer applies they are not automatically accepted but are hand-picked by the Codeable team. Codeable gets around 45 applications submitted every week of that they normally accept 2 (Codeable). That’s an acceptance rate of less than 5%. Being a good developer is not enough to be successful with Codeable they also want the developer you end up working with to be a good communicator, manage clients, and be reliable. If you are good enough and lucky enough to get picked you will then be quizzed and tested by the Codebale team. After this, you will be put on a 45 day trial period in which Codeable staff will spend extra time making sure you are communicating and completing tasks effectively.

CodeableTeamReviews 1 e1520418074327
Some of the Codeable team @ WordCamp


Codeable has strict rules for all developers, one being that they are only allowed to take on projects that are in their area of expertise and are clearly defined. This allows you to be confident that not only does the Codeable contractor you hire have the skills to complete your task but also the task has been well defined so there won’t be any extra surprises. This is ensured by Codeable’s strict guidelines.


Codeable has over 300 skilled WordPress experts from all over the world this allows them to have a quick response time to all tasks 24 hours a day. On average it takes no more than 10 minutes to get a response from a developer.

November hapiness hero 2017 1
One Codeable’s staff log for November 2017


Codeable has set a standard for fair pricing that works on the average bid rather than the traditional lowest amount. The Average + 15% Codeable Fee = Your Quote.


Codeable has an inbuilt live chat support system with Codebale staff on hand 24 hours a day to make sure that if there are any issues you will always have someone to answer questions and provide support.


What happens if something goes wrong? What if your Codeable contractor skips town or you are part of the 0.071% who are unhappy with the Codeable service. If this is the case and the issue is related to the quality of the project work delivered or lack of communication and Codeable does not live up to their standards, you will be entitled to a refund.

Companies working with Codeable

There are a number of companies big and small working with Codeable and trusting them for WordPress updates and support.

codeable clientele

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