How Facebook Sees You – Broken Images on Facebook

Facebook AI Images

Facebooks recent photo outage has given a lot of people a chance to see behind the curtain of Facebook’s artificial intelligence. More specifically how it views them and their images.

Reading other people’s experiences I saw Facebook describing people as ‘Basic’ or ‘Man with a beard’ Looking through my friend’s accounts it was scary how accurate some of the descriptions were.

So I jumped over to my personal profile to check what Facebook thought of me.

I was disappointed to find my profile image loading as normal.

However, there is more than one way to peer behind Facebook’s curtain and discover what it thinks of your images.

In Chrome right-click on an image and then click inspect

You can then read what Facebook thinks about your image even if it’s not broken


Facebook’s AI reads my profile picture as “your profile photo, Image may contain: Amy Faith Morley and Josh Morley, people smiling, outdoor” which is correct even down the to smiling.

You can do the same on Firefox


Internet Explorer




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