Web designers typically charge about $70-$120 / £50-£90 per hour. Searching around the web you can find cheaper but always good to check why. The average set up, design, build and content creations for a basic website can range between $1000-$10,000/£1000-£8000. This heavily depends on if you are providing your own content/images, how complex the site is and the skill of the agency or freelancer.

How Much Do Web Designers Charge?

Web Design Hourly Rate

Freelance web designers with a modest amount of expertise make about $75/£50 per hour on average. This number, however, may vary according to CSS-Tricks.

Codeable boasts over 500 WordPress designers and developers worldwide and offers the ballpark figure of $70–$120 / £50-£90 per hour.

Here at Marketing the change, we work on an average of $80 per hour however we very rarely use an hourly rate unless we run into an ongoing project that is extremely complex.

There are a number of factors that can affect an hour rate

  • How long the web project will take – depending on how long the website will take to build can impact the hourly fee of a developer. A long project will often be more complex but they will provide more hours overall. Smaller projects are normally easier to complete but will leave the expert needing to find more work quickly.
  • Passion Project – If the developer has an interest in your company or business cutting their hourly rates might be something they are willing to do as they enjoy your brand. Here at Marketing the Change we often do this with charities, churches and startups as we love to give back with discounted rates or our Giving Back Grants.
  • The complexity of the Website – Building a simple business site or building a complex membership app requests two very different skill sets and prices will match accordingly.
  • The number of pages – Many pages to create equals more work. Blogs and e-commerce components, for example, might be more expensive.
  • Repeat client – Some web designers will charge a new client less to get the job started, but this could lead to trouble in the future.
  • Clients tech skills – Working with clients who struggle to open their emails or send content when needed takes more time.
  • If the client is providing content – If you as the business owner are providing all the content and images its a lot less work for the web designer who would normally have to source images and hire a content writer.
  • Framework – If you have a current website built on a unknown or outdated framework then a higher hourly rate could be used. Here at Marketing the Change we do charge extra if you have a non-standard website build.

Flat Rate Web Design

Hours rates are good for very small projects or projects that are hard to scope out but overall we suggest fixed-price projects. This allows you to know what you are spending before anything is signed. And

With a fixed price no nasty surprises when the work is done.

Here at Marketing The Change we typically charge a flat rate for web design projects, this way you know exactly what your budget will be and planning becomes much easier.

For larger custom builds or projects that require more time from our designers then hourly rates can apply. In this type of project we will work off milestones and goals to make sure you are in the loop and hours are tracked.

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