TLDR: Given the average quality and lack of customer service, I would advise against this service. Granted it works if everything is going well, but as soon as a problem arises with shipping or quality issues, there is negligible support – making this option far from ideal.

What is WC Fulfillment?

WC Fulfillment is an exclusive Print-on-Demand App that can be seamlessly integrated into your Shopify store.


They brand themselves as a “Print on Demand Fulfillment Company Focusing on Phone cases, Wallet Phone Cases, and other gnarly printable items.”

Currently, it’s only available for Shopify users (no WordPress) but works harmoniously with other apps like Oberlo and Dropified to make the experience even better. With WC Fulfillment, you’re able to expand your business by offering a variety of printed products in no time!

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Founded by Nate Andreshak in 2018, WC Fulfillment POD Supplier Company quickly rose to become one of the most renowned apps on Shopify App Store’s Top 10 list. With their diverse Print-on-Demand collection, eCommerce shop owners can now give customers something new and unique that they won’t find anywhere else! Whether it be personalized items or custom designs – this company will surely help your store stand out from the rest.

Located at 30 N Gould St. Suite 5357, Sheridan, WY, United States, Wyoming

Shop owners can gain access to the WC Fulfillment app simply by clicking on the “Add App” button found in their Shopify stores, and best of all, it’s absolutely free. As POD is a form of dropshipping, they won’t need to worry about paying until an order from their store has been made.

How Does WC Fulfillment Work?

When a customer places an order containing a WC Fulfillment product in your store, they will take care of the rest! Their automated process prints and ships item(s) to them while sending out automatic tracking updates.

Not only that but their prices are seller friendly – factory direct pricing which means way more profit per order.

What is WC Fulfillment Pricing Like?

They offer a flat rate for all orders and provide cost savings for larger volume purchases.

Their fulfillment rates are calculated based on product type, order size, and zone, so you can get an accurate quote quickly and easily.

No matter what your business needs are, WC Fulfillment has the right solution for you! Sign up today and start taking advantage of their amazing services.

ProductStarting Price
Wallet Phone Cases$9.99
Snap Phone Cases$9.49
360 Print Mugs$5.99
Premium Watches$19.99
Hard Shell Macbook Cases$19.99
Round Beach Blankets$19.99
Skateboard Wall Art$53.99
DTG Apparel$8.99 (t-shirts)
$12.99 (hoodies)
Hooded Blankets$37.99
All Over Print Hoodies$27.99
All Over Print Sweatshirts$24.99

What Types of Products Can Sell With WC Fulfillment?

WC Fulfillment offers you the opportunity to provide products customized with your designs or specifications requested by customers. You can submit personally created artworks and plans for a team of experts at WC Fulfillment to print on desired items. The possibility of printing photos onto special gifts, like those featuring beloved pets or family members, is also often sought-after among consumers. With WC Fulfillmenet’s customizing services, you can offer personalized mementoes including:

  • Wallet Phone Cases
  • Snap Phone Cases
  • 360 Print Mugs
  • Premium Watches
  • Hard Shell Macbook Cases
  • Round Beach Blankets
  • Skateboard Wall Art
  • DTG Apparel
  • Hooded Blankets
  • All Over Print Hoodies
  • All Over Print Sweatshirts
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The WC Fulfillment team prints the designs and fulfills orders, whether they were created by you or requested by customers. Before sending it to them, make sure that your design is finely edited through either Photoshop or Photopea – no blurry photos allowed! Your image files should be in TIFF, JPEG or PNG format; Product Specs Page of the app provides more guidance on this. So go ahead and prepare for printing with ease – WC Fulfillment awaits your order!

Does WC Fulfillment Have Good Print Quality?

The majority of products produced are of average quality – not subpar, but also far from extraordinary. Personally, we checked the T-Shirts, the size was good but the quality was average.

Ordered an item according to their specifications. Item was received and 2 sizes smaller than the specified size according to measurements. Logged the issue on their chat, contact us and emailed their support. Absolutely no response from them at all. Just ignoring the issue as if it doesn’t exist. Definitely not acceptable way to handle any issue. Highly disappointed in the fact that absolutely no action is taken by them to try and rectify the issue.

What Are the WC Fulfillment Shipping Times?

WC Fulfillment makes a lot of promises, but unfortunately, they often fail to deliver on their promises. Customers who have tried to deal with them have experienced delays in shipments, lack of customer support for order inquiries, and more. Unfortunately, these problems are all too common when dealing with WC Fulfillment, which can lead to a detrimental experience overall.

According to them It normally takes 2-7 business days to print your order, depending on the current demand. However, when you read a lot of the review their are a number of customers who waited weeks.

Does WC Fulfillment Provide Customer Support?

WC Fulfillment succeeds when orders are correct, however it unfortunately falls apart if something goes wrong. The Shopify app is flooded with reviews from people who have not received any response whatsoever from the customer service team – clearly this is an area they need to prioritize and enhance.

Review #1

For over a month I have sent multiple emails about a defective product received by customer. I have emailed and used their in app contact. They never respond. Shopify should remove this app immediately. Worst customer service.

Review #2

I am not sure what’s going on with this company, but I have been using them for about 5 years, and lately, they have stopped responding to emails and customer issues. No response on missing or lost packages or any other customer service issues. Will have to remove all the listings that are with this app on my store.

Review #3

Very poor customer service, I sent 5 messages to follow up on the delays of orders but have not received any response. I received a lot of complaints from Customers on poor product quality, so I finally decided to removed all their products from my store.

Review #4

No one responds to the report. In addition there are problems with the app that is inaccessible several a week very disturbing when you have to go upload a visual for a custom order. Moreover, the production time is not respected.

Their last 5 star review was on December 28, 2020, since then most are negative

Does WC Fulfillment Accept Returns?

Again they say they do but all the recent reviews seem to be having issues getting returns or responses

What are the Best WC Fulfillment Alternatives?

Believe it or not, investigating other Print-on-Demand companies is a smart move. Not just to understand products that could complement WC Fulfillment’s apparel and phone accessory niche – but also so you can align your priorities with specific POD criteria. For example, since WC Fulfillment appears to be struggling in the area of customer support, another Print-on-Demand app might be an excellent substitute! Besides this key factor there are additional considerations worth exploring when choosing a new print on demand provider; such as pricing structure, speed & quality of printing services available and user friendly interface design etc…

What’s the shipping time for customers to receive the product? Is pricing competitive, allowing for a profitable margin? Will customers be content with the quality and print of my merchandise? Can I choose from an extensive collection of designs – including free options – that’ll suit their needs? If anything goes wrong during shipment or related issues, will there be reliable support available to me promptly?

Printful – Printful is a leading POD company renowned for its in-house printing, utilizing DTG machines to execute direct-to-garment printing. It is considered the most dependable and trustworthy in the industry due to various factors, making it just as advantageous as WC Fulfillment – another free integration app you can use for your Shopify store.

In contrast to WC Fulfillment, it can be merged with different eCommerce shops like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy and more. Moreover, it facilitates sellers to customize items they would like to list in their store. Upon purchase of the item by buyers, not only will this tool manage shipping and order completion but also enable the seller to keep track of products as well as update customers on new information.

From an expansive library of designs to a meticulous printing process, Printful is determined to provide the highest quality products. Though their prices may be slightly higher than WC Fulfillment or other apps, they offer invaluable resources available for free like a built-in mockup generator and creative services such as design professionals for hire and producing physical photos. With Printful’s learning materials and extra services, sellers are sure to find success.

Printful is passionate about providing its customers with competitive shipping rates and fast delivery. Orders are generally shipped out within five days, but can take up to three or four weeks to arrive at their destination depending on location. Plus, they have a presence in the USA, Europe, Latvia, Barcelona and Mexico – never resorting to outsourcing! Need help? Reach out via phone call, Facebook group or Live Chat for instant assistance from the friendly support team.

If you’re looking for unique, creative products with a low cost of entry and no minimum order quantities, then look no further! Our PSD files are editable on Photoshop but don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the software—you can use Photopea instead. We also have plenty videos and tutorials to help guide your way plus free mockup generators so that nobody is left behind. Not only that, we offer our very own affordable video mockups services as well as some of the lowest shipping rates in town. So why not check us out today?

WC Fulfillment Review Summary

After digging into WC Fulfillment, it seemed like the perfect solution. The app is free and their product prices are reasonable. Moreover, they provide PSD files of mockups that you can modify on Photoshop or Photopea – an added bonus! Putting this together with single product ordering capabilities with tracked shipping should have been the ultimate success story.

Given the average quality and lack of customer service, I would advise against this service. Granted it works if everything is going well, but as soon as a problem arises with shipping or quality issues, there is negligible support – making this option far from ideal.

One other thing is there seems to be a lot of problems with their website, broken links, missing pages and an app that has a lot of downtimes are all massive red flags

We have reached out to Nate Andreshak (CEO, Badass) to see if he would respond to any of the issues. At this point their has been no response

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