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How much will it cost to fix my website?

To put it simply, it depends on what’s wrong with it. Feel free to reach out to us with specific issues and we will give you an estimate. Or if you are just having general issues and need a tune up, then we can give your website a full audit and service.

Whats the steps in building a website?

You can find out more about our process on the process page.

I want a site similar to X, Y or Z?

Awesome! We think it’s great that you have had a look at competitors to find inspiration on what is right for you. We will work with you to make sure your vision becomes a reality. However, we will not copy the website.

Do we have to have your company name on our website?

No, not at all. We hope you will be proud to have our branding on your footer but this is not a requirement.

Do you use or sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA)?

Yes, from time-to-time our clients ask us to sign an NDA. This is not standard practice but we are happy to oblige. 

Can I edit the website myself?

Yes, you are free to edit and change as much of the website as you want, with or without our help. It’s your website! We even offer training to show you how to edit basic areas of the site so you don’t have to call us every time you want a small tweak.

What is a CSM or content management system?

A CMS or content management does exactly what it says, it manages your content. In other words, it allows you to create posts and pages without knowing coding languages like HTML, CSS, or PHP. There are many CMS’s out there like WebFLow, Drupal, or Joomla. However, we prefer to use WordPress as its technology supports at least 35% of the web with 1.3 Billion sites (Netcraft 2020).

What if I need more changes or pages?

Yes! We understand that people have different skill levels and we want to empower you to be as independent as you want to be.

Do you provide training?

This varies from project to project. We can see if this is needed, but please make sure we are aware of this. If we are creating the content we always want input from you to make sure it suites your industry and brand as you are the expert in your field.

Do you supply the content and images?

Yes, but we don’t. Most apps that are built are vanity projects and unless you have a returning user base, we wouldn’t suggest it. However, we have a few partners who we trust that we can connect you with.

Can you build an iOS or Android app?

Yes, but we don’t. To be honest most app that are built are vanity projects unless you have a returning user base we wouldn’t suggest it. However we have a few partners who we trust who can spin you up an app who we would be happy to introduce you to.